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7 MINUTE WORKOUT FOR FAT LOSS #2 | Fat Burning Cardio HIIT Workout At Home Routine


    Whats up guys its Max Barry, owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and this is your 7 minute workout for fat loss let’s go this is a 7 minutes HIIT workout routine that requires absolutely zero equipment it’s six bodyweight exercises 50 seconds each followed by 20-second rest in between it’s an all-out cardio abs blast so let’s get into this





    workout right now alright guys time to get into this thing first move starts in five seconds it’s a lateral touchdown we’re going to start wide stance 321 go touch the inside of the feet we’re going to be blasting the legs and get the heart rate cranking right off the bat we jumping over a wide stance touchdown touchdown now if you get tired you can step it out right here not me going fast down up reach across the body the back flat and we’re halfway already heart rate already started to come up now we’re going to be doing each move 50 seconds each with a quick 20-second transition between key for these your 7 min workouts is to go intense keep the pace up the whole time.

    I’m going to be here with you get it done proud of you guys five more seconds later feel good to one-time good kick the legs out a little bit next move is going to be some awesome core work it’s a pike and reach hit the deck all right hands right below the shoulders wide stands we’re gonna play it up 3 2 1 go pick up reach across that plank pipe up reach across blank walking back a little bit i reach across and you can push up as an option push it up in the air as you reach across opposite that has a little rotational for work in the lower abs going and obliques nice 15 more seconds or less little less flexible let me you have to walk the hands back a little bit before you go to the reach no problem five seconds four three two one time good backup next move let’s go cardio baby we’re going with a reachers which is kind of like a high knee and then we’re going to be reaching underneath bring the knee up nice and high.

    Reacher’s cardio and leg blaster three two one go he’s up he’s up whole time we’re working stay upright chest up shoulders back we’re reaching under now this messes you up too much you can just jog it out a little bit lower tired otherwise right here you can just touch the knees but when we reach under and prevent me up I we’re not only in that cardio or get those lower abs firing good keep working let’s go let’s go that’s the keep me short workout guys 15 seconds legs are on fire right now you going to push push keep going five-four-three-two-one whoo nice good luck keeping that pace up the whole time now we’re going to go back down for another core drill is a plank up down look like a mine for those mimes in New York City forget it.

    I don’t even know what I’m saying right now hit the deck hands right below the shoulders we can go right now we’re going dad playing damage now trying to keep alternating which hand push up through the key when you’re pushing up it’s just like a good push-up hand right below the shoulder here here the other thing we’re trying to do is find the rotation through the lower back ok so through or not sloppy with it trying to control the movement watch the back is known through the bank course you’re almost there keep going 54321 good backup all right last two drills on this workout guys remember.

    I’m doing this full round with you if you feel like you want to repeat this thing couple more times you go ahead let’s go ahead and get into the next move in five seconds it’s a cross back me driving right leg back first scope cross it back drive it up cross back now we’re going to be working those balloons and legs nice little flying off at the top now halfway through we’re going to switch sides if this is too much you can just raise it a little bit not me going to plyo up halfway other leg that was the last stabilizers going on here so if you feel a little wobbly as part of the drill another thing i want you to look at this toe straight drive it up cross back drive it up goose baby glutes and cardio together five seconds four three two one all is going to lift it already good we’re here last move finish up strong heel clicks hi low

    Heel clicks total body bernal right to the end we’re going to click it high or low 32 1 raised to the end final move this high intensity interval training 7 minute workout circuit burning up right here with you how many reps can you do you can click hi but you keep working the whole time hello baby burn keep going right hand crazy gonna finish it up final 20 seconds right now push push push come on 15 seconds right to the end final ten you going going hold on three two one time awesome job you guys if this is your only workout of the day go ahead and repeat that HIIT routine one to three more times making it 15 up to a 30-minute cardio and core blast.

    And if you already worked out today can put this at the end of your training as a burnout finisher we hope you like this 7 minute workout if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe to the Max’s Best Bootcamp YouTube fitness channel share this video and if you have any ideas for future videos of questions about this HIIT cardio workout routine go ahead and post all that down the comments section below thank you for watching this video have an awesome day!.