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Hey how’s it going this is alek with the change your life diet now in this video I want to talk to you about what is the best exercise to lose weight now you can tell i’m on a nice caribbean island and I just had a nice big meal a little too big actually so the worst thing to do right after a meal is just sit down and relax you know the best thing to do is just to get up off your ass and you go for a nice walk you know you don’t have to you know go for a brisk walk.

Just go for a nice leisurely walk just be on your feet at a minimum it’s it’s good to just be on your feet and just not be sitting down or lying down now a lot of things you tend to see at these like all-inclusive resorts because they do have a lot of unlimited beverages and unlimited alcoholic beverages you see a lot of guys just drinking all day long and especially don’t get me started you see some people with those like big large like thermoses are insulated mugs where you can just drink your own or have your own large volume of beverage instead of like getting up and getting yourself like two or three you know drinks you can get it all at once.

I mean don’t even get me started about that you know but yeah the worst thing you can do is just sit around all day and drink and eat so at a minimum just try to be on your feet and just try to go for a little walk that’s the absolute best thing you could do the body was meant to walk you don’t need to run on the treadmill you don’t need to go to the gym just walk outside in nature and go for a nice walk that’s all you got to do so that’s my tip for the day hope you enjoyed this video please like the video subscribe and leave your comments below and if you’re interested check out my website change your life

I created this really amazing weight loss system and if you want some more information about it like I give away a free report and the link to that is in the description below so give it a shot it’s a really amazing diet you can eat anything you want for most you don’t have to exercise and you can lose a ton of weight and I absolutly guarantee it’s going to work for you so give it a shot you know it just might change your life thanks.

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