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Bulimia Weight Loss: The Ugly Truth Behind it!

    Bulimia Weight Loss

    Is Bulimia really efficient in weight loss? does it really help actually to keep those pounds down? If so, why so manybulimics are out there, who actually look normal, look like they have normal weight or look likethey’re a little bit above their normal weight? So, today’s topic of the video is”Does bulimia help with weight loss?” You are watching Battleyourbulimia.

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    So, there is a rumor in bulimia or eating disorder community That bulimia nervosa does really help to control your weight Or it actually helps you to lose weight.

    So, let me tell you the ugly truth right now! Bulimia is one of the worst tools that can be applied to lose or control weight It actually does promote weight gain over time.

    Let’s say you started your dieting or you started restricting.

    What happens to your body? Your body gets into starvation mode.

    The more you restrict the more binge-urges you get.

    And usually when you ask yourself that question: What types of foods do tend to binge on.

    Those are usually high in calories foods, like deep-fried foods, sweets, breads.

    There are couple of reasons why we tend to binge on those foods, but one of the main reasons is because The body knows that those types of foods have the most amount of energy in form of calories.

    And again, the more you restrict, the more binge urges you are gonna get.

    And finally, there is a moment, when you just give in.

    And you are in a binge episode.

    While in a binge episode you eat whatever you want, you eat whatever you can find.

    You eat anything, there are no breaks what so ever.

    What happens in that moment is that you get that fear of putting on weight That fear of gaining weight is very terrifying for any person, especially as i mentioned before, fro a bulimic.

    That fear is something that leads to anxiety, and tat anxiety pushes us to get rid of those unwanted calories.

    There are different types of bulimia.

    Some people get rid of those calories by purging Some people do, by doing laxatives and diuretics, some people actually go to the gym to “run” it off or over exercise.

    So, for today’s example, i actually want to take self-induced vomiting as To look how that cycle effects your body.

    When you purge those calories out It’s been proven that over 50% of the caloric intake in that binge episode is absorbed by the body.

    It doesn’t matter how fast you purge the food after the binge If you wait a little bit, if you actually purge right away, it does not matter.

    On average, again, over 50 % of those calories are absorbed by the body.

    It actually is not the only thing, that happens.

    When you purge your food out you lose a lot of water.

    So, you lose a lot ofcalories and you lose a lot of water.

    For our brain the shortage of water is morealarming than the fact that we don’t have enough fuel.

    So, the brain keepssending you a lot of signals that it doesn’t have a lot ofwater.

    We tend to see those signals to read those signals as we are hungry again and instead of actually getting those fluids in, we tend to engage in binging.

    It’s been proven by many many many scientists, that bulimia leads to weight gain over time.

    So,I really want to take this point home and I want to underline this: an averagebinge is about 2,200 calories.

    2,200 calories – it’s almost three times as anormal meal that you get in one sitting so the body absorbs over 57% of thosecalories that you binged on.

    It doesn’t matter how fast you actually purge purge right after binge, wait a little bit.

    But it’s on average your body absorbs over 50% of those calories.

    that’s alot and actually comes up to a thousand two hundred and fifty four calories.

    So, on top of that, guys you tend to crave for high calorie foods.

    Foods thatare high in carbs, in fats.

    Because your body actually knows that those types of foods have the mostamount of energy that it’s seeking.

    Because you need to remember that yourbody is in starvation, right? It’s in crisis.

    it’s looking for extra energy and on topof that you probably we’ve known by your own experience, that binge- purge episodes do notcome one by one; they come in bulk.

    as you might say.

    Iremember myself binging and purging several times a day.

    6-7 times a day.

    making those trips back and forth fromthe toilet bowl to the fridge.

    So, I know guys, it’s a lot of information.

    we talked about bulimia being inefficient tool to lose weight in any form.

    so what are other wayshow would you control, how would you promote healthy weight?Those are the topics for the future videos.

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