Easy Strawberry Banana Smoothie Just 5 Ingredients | Healthy Smoothies #5

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Whats up guys its Max Barry, owner of Max’s Best Bootcampand this is how to make a delicious strawberry banana smoothie five ingredients recipe.

1 blender one glass or bowl of refreshing berry goodness we loved making smoothies and recommend them to our clients replacing one meal a day with this breakfast will help you with your weight loss goals and your healthy body this is a great base recipe but you can totally customize it to suit your palate and weight loss goals let’s get into the recipe right now making this .

Smoothies couldn’t be any simpler start by adding the liquid so that half a cup of almond milk next we had half a cup of Greek yogurt 1 frozen banana 1 cup of frozen strawberries last we’re gonna add of protein booth one scoop of Max’s Best Boot camp protein Powder.

But if you don’t have it available to you go ahead use your favorite brand and then just blend in your vita mix looks so creamy and delicious how simple was that you guys just pouring your glass and enjoy another option if you have any left over or sharing this with somebody because it’s so thick and creamy.

You guys can totally start drinking it as is or if you’re doing the smoothie Bowl option you can add some really cool toppings here we just have some fresh strawberries goji berries coconut and slivered almonds and placed on top now that is how to make a delicious strawberry banana smoothie.

We hope you like this recipe you guys if you did you smash the like button subscribe to our fitness channel here share this with a friend if you think you’ll enjoy it too if you have any questions about this recipe or ideas for future smoothies recipes go ahead and post all that down the comment section below thank you for watching this video you guys have an awesome day.

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