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Four Ways To Get A Flatter Stomach

    Flatter Stomach

    Flatter Stomach

    A flatter stomach is one of the most common fitness goals that is seen in personal training, but most people find themselves giving up too quickly or focusing on one exercise, such as sit-ups.

    Flatter StomachBoth of these scenarios can result in those that want to get a flatter stomach seeing themselves in the same place that they started in after months have gone by.

    These leading tips from experts in the personal training industry can help every person get the flat stomach that they want.

    It’s all in what you eat

    A majority of people that have a pot belly also have some pretty unhealthy eating habits. The old adage that abs start in the kitchen is surprisingly true. Those that eat more processed foods and sweets are more likely to gain weight in the mid-section than those that keep up a healthy diet of lean meats and the proper number of carbs.

    To combat sugar cravings, leaders in the personal training field recommend eating a handful of fruit instead, and not buying junk food at the store.

    If it is not in the house, most people will not eat it. Instead of driving all the way to the store to get something sweet or salty when the urge hits, people will stick to what is readily available.

    Sticking to a meal plan is another great option for people that are overweight. A specialist in the personal training field or a nutritionist can help those that want a flatter stomach to create an individualized meal plan that works for their lifestyle.

    Flatter StomachVariety

    While sit-ups are a great start, the key in losing area around the stomach lies in including a variety of exercises. Sit-ups will only target a specific area, and they do not target every single muscle in the middle area. Including different workouts in the workout routine can help every person see the results that they want.

    This can also help to prevent people from getting bored too quickly. A combination of different routines and including something that does not involve the same equipment every day.

    Such as a yoga class, can help keep people interested and give them the ability to reach their goals. Personal training can involve a variety of things, and these experts can help tell the best things to do outside of the gym to get a fit body with a flat stomach.


    Those in the personal training industry see too many people give up too quickly. It is vital to remember that to see the results desired, working out and reaching those fitness goals needs to be a priority. Those that are consistent in their efforts to lose weight in their stomach will see better results than those that only exercise sporadically.


    This is another thing that causes many people to give up quickly. Often, when a few weeks go by and the results are small, people get discouraged, lose patience and then quit altogether.

    Flatter StomachIt’s important to know that everyone loses weight differently, and this is often caused by genetics. Exercising causes the entire body to burn calories, and then it is up to the body as to where those calories come from. For one person, this may be the arms first, and for another, it may be the stomach.

    If the body is losing weight anywhere, those same results will eventually be applied to the stomach. It simply takes consistency and patience to see those results happen.

    Because of this, some people are encouraged to focus more on being healthy instead of how many inches they have lost around their waist. When you remove the constant concern about the size of the stomach, it is impossible to get impatient because it is not smaller.

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