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Home ยป Green Coffee and Weight Loss – What is the Side Effect? Secret Revealed!

Green Coffee and Weight Loss – What is the Side Effect? Secret Revealed!


    Green Coffee and Weight Loss

    Coffee invigorates, it can be drunk at anytime of the day and most importantly, it is hot and black.

    But what about the least popularversion, the green coffee? Studies show that green coffee has a favorableeffect on the human body in many ways.

    In addition, green coffee helps in the fightagainst excess weight.

    Many people use products based on green coffee,hoping for an easy and fast weight loss effect.

    Well some people say that this is just a hoax,while others are convinced that green coffee literally changed their lives and helped tolose weight.

    It turns out that the raw coffee beans containedChlorogenic Acid, which slows down the dissolution of carbohydrates in the alimentary tract.

    It is known that excessive amount of carbohydratesaccumulate as fat.

    Thus, slow absorption of carbohydrates prevents the deposition of fat.

    Green coffee extract contains other activeingredients, among which the most important catechin and epicatechin.

    These antioxidantsare the main active component in green tea.

    Another predominant component is caffeineand in much lower doses there are tryptophan, rutin and terpene.

    Of course, it is best to use this productin combination with diet and exercise.

    It is necessary to warn people with diabeteswho are taking medication.

    Green coffee has properties of lowering blood glucose, andits combinations with drugs for lowering blood sugar levels can lead to very dangerous interactionsresulting may cause hypoglycemia which can manifest as weakness, fatigue, drowsiness,a feeling of hunger.

    People with hypertension, peptic ulcer disease,or thyroid problems can drink green coffee, but only after consulting with their doctors.

    Remember that large amounts of caffeine cancause insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, frustration, nausea, vomiting and shortness of breath.

    It is necessary to consider all the pros andcons, remember the common sense of proper nutrition and physical activity.

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