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How to Stay Slim These Holidays

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    The holidays can be a difficult time, being that there are so many family responsibilities and all!

    Yet it is still important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and squeeze in exercise whenever possible in order to maintain your weight loss momentum.

    After all losing weight is like an airplane taking off – it doesn’t work if you slow down at the end!

    How it helps

    Boosts your mood – with all the stress of preparing for the holidays, a bit of exercise here and there will help your body release endorphins aka, the bodies ‘happy drug’.

    Burns unwanted calories – let’s face it, it’s the holiday season and you probably going to cheat on your weight loss a little more than what you usually do and a little extra exercise will go a long way in keeping the calories at bay!

    It can be fun – if the weather is permitting you can always get your guests involved by going ice skating, skiing, sledding or even snowshoeing!

    Spend time with loved ones – instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV with your family, you can go outside and have fun with the entire family!

    How to use exercise at home

    It is no secret that chores around the house are hard work, so use that knowledge to you advantage by getting some work around the house done. You can try cleaning the floors, de-cluttering the garage or even scrubbing the outside furniture.

    Exercise in the great outdoors

    Houses in the neighborhood at this time of year are usually over decorated, so take a stroll outside and take a look at what there is all to see! You can even take a hike at a local nature reserve if the weather is permitting.

    And if you are fortunate to be living in a part of the world where it snows you can build a snow fort or go cross-country skiing!

    Exercise at public center

    Weather is going to play a big factor here, but if you don’t belong to a gym, you can go swim a few laps in the community pool!

    Exercise during the holiday season can be a real challenge with all the family commitments, however it can prevent future stress when later on when you don’t have extra weight to lose!

    Just remember that all holiday exercise will make you feel better in the long run!

    Till next time!



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