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How To Workout Fast If You Only Have 10 Mins


One of the most common excuses for people who don’t workout is that they don’t have enough time.

While that may be true, if you can’t find 10 minutes a day to do certain things, that only means it’s not important enough in your priority list.
Is your health, energy and vitality to do whatever you want a priority for you right now?

I hope it is.

If you are really crazy busy because you’re the CEO of a billion dollar company, have a family of 6 kids, need to have breakfast with Warren Buffet in the morning, have a buffet lunch with Oprah during midday, and will host a dinner party for Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton tonight, then fine.

You don’t have to spend 1.5 to 2 hours for a workout session. You can do whatever you want.

But if you can just squeeze in 10 minutes a day to work out during any potential short breaks throughout the day, I can surely show you how.

So here’s the routine:

We will be using a bodyweight resistance routine. That means you’re using your own body to provide the weight in the form of push ups and pull ups.

At the same time, the routine is going to be a circuit. That means you’ll be going straight from one exercise to the next with no break or pause in between.

You have 1 minute at the end to catch your breath and then you go for it again for a total of 3 rounds.

The workout is simple:

Push ups to failure -> Pull ups to failure -> Sit ups to failure -> Jumping squats to failure

‘To failure’ means you stop when you physically can’t do one more repetition.

If you do this right, then your muscles should be aching and you should be able to do fewer and fewer each time around.

But if you want to take this further and make it even more effective, then use ‘mechanical drop sets’.

That means that if you can only do 5 reps on the last round for your pull ups, you make things easier for yourself for reps 6-10.

That means you might put your feet on a chair and pull yourself up with a little help from your legs. Or it means you might let your knees touch the floor.

So why is it beneficial to your body even though it’s just 10 minutes?

Well, it works very well because it is ‘resistance cardio’.

You are burning fat and improving fitness while simultaneously building muscle and strength.

What’s more is that it can be done so quickly and shouldn’t cause you to sweat too much.

That means you can do it without needing to shower after – or if you do it in the morning you can do it before your regular shower.

Not 10 minutes plus commuting time, it literally is only 10 minutes.

So in just a few minutes, I’ve shown you how to workout quickly that’s going to bring immense benefits to your health.

Are you willing to invest those 600 seconds for your own sake now?

I hope you do. No excuses.

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