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    Okay, just a disclaimer: there’s a lot going on in my house right now.

    I only had a few minutes to shoot this video and I’ve got my awesome guy outside.

    He’s working on the house and my son’s running around, so if you here some noise I apologize in advance.

    But, as a busy person—just like you—I wanted to get this video shot today so I could get it out this week.

    Anyway, my apologies for all the noise, but that’s the way it is, right? Hey, I’m Kristin Shaffer, national level bikini competitor, mom, and businesswoman.

    If you’re ready to find out how bikini models get their amazing bodies, you get it all right here, right now.

    For many years now I have been helping women all around the world get into and stay in shape.

    And the key there is STAY,because you know what you oftentimes see…and I know that we’ve all experienced this.

    I certainly did many years ago before I figured this all out.

    Is that, you know, we can get into shape with certain diet plans or fads, but then staying in shape, that’s the part sometimes that’s really, really hard.

    We’ll go on these yo-yo diets, we’ll start a fad,we’ll end the fad, and then we go right back to where we were and sometimes even worse.

    Some of the biggest reasons I see that women are struggling to get into and stay in shape before they come to me is they have these belief systems that they’re operating on and it just doesn’t work.

    So some of these beliefs are: one, believing that you can work off that particular candy bar that you’ve eaten or the lasagna dinner that you’ve had—you can work it off through exercising [makes buzzer sound].

    Not true.

    Believing in the80/20 rule that I can eat clean 80 percent of the time and 20 percent of the time I can stuff my face full of junk food and I will lose weight [makes buzzer sound].

    Not going to happen.

    Believing that we can eat just like our boyfriends or husbands and that we will get into shape just like they are too—well, that’s not going to happen either.

    Men are built completely differently than women are.

    Buying into the latest fad.

    We’ve all seen these come and go, right? Counting our calories, counting our macros, logging into some app every little thing that we eat, having somebody prepare our meals for us and ship them to our doorstep.

    There’s a lot of fads out there.

    One of my favorite ones: meal replacement shakes.

    One of the biggest challenges with these fads is that we’re not really learning the tools and techniques that we need in order to get into and stay in shape for life.

    That’s what I’m all about: teaching you to do this for life and not just for some short-term weight loss fix or to step on stage for the short term.

    This is for a lifetime.

    And then there’s my probably absolute favorite: when women come to me and they say, “Kristin, I saw this famous fitness competitor on Instagram, Facebook, or Snap chat and she’s stuffing her face full of pizza and she looks amazing.

    I want to be like that too.

    ” Well, those fitness competitors are in incredible shape.

    Their body fat is already really, really, really low.

    Their metabolism is running like a freight train, so, yeah, they’re going to eat that pizza occasionally.

    No, it’s not going to hurt them.

    But for the person that’s got 20,30, 40, 80 pounds to lose, if you’re stuffing your face full of pizza a few times a week,you are not going to achieve the goals that you want to achieve.

    You’re certainly not going to achieve them in the time frame that you want to achieve.

    So you can’t compare yourself to that ultra lean, metabolism running-like-a-freight-train fitness competitor on Instagram.

    Now, are there some women that have just naturally ultra, ultra running metabolisms? Absolutely,but, candidly, they are the rare exception.

    For the rest of us on the bell curve that fall into that middle area, and that’s most of us, we don’t have that naturally and so we have to eat clean most of the time in order to achieve our goals.

    And that is true for whether you’re trying to lose weight, whether you’re trying to gain weight, whether you’re trying to gain muscle.

    I eat clean most of the time—most of the time—and when I need to shed pounds like I am right now for stepping on stage, I eat clean 99 percent of the time if not more.

    Along with all these reasons, one of my favorites is looking for “the secret”…individuals that are in amazing shape, what’s “the secret” that they have? Well, there is no secret.

    It’s eating clean—consistently eating clean 99 percent of the time—with moderate exercise over time, having patience and confidence that it’s going to work.

    My goal is to makethat as easy as possible.

    We are busy women, all of us are, whether you’re in college and trying to get your degree—bravo, I love that—or if you’re a mom.

    You can be an only mom or single mom trying to put everything together, if you’re a working parent, a working individual that your kids are launched, we’re all super busy because we’re all amazing women,right? So we need something that is simple and easy to do that will give us the results that we are looking for.

    So that’s where the meal prep comes in.

    I created this system for myself, prepping meals in advance for three or four days at a time.

    I cook twice a week.

    It only takes me, tops—total time—two hours.

    Two hours a week to prep most of my meals and I tote them with me wherever I go.

    I have a rolling cooler that I bring to work.

    Most people think it’s for organ donation (no, it’s not), or they think I’m bringinga six-pack to work (no!).

    Oh, look, a roller cooler.

    This thing is awesome.

    I take that roller cooler pretty much everywhere I go so that I have my meals with me all the time.

    Prepping your meals ahead of time has many benefits but here are my top five.

    When you prep your meals ahead of time the first and foremost benefit of this is that you know that what you’re eating, when you’re eating it is exactly moving you toward your goals.

    There’s no guesswork involved.

    There’s no apps, there’s no crazy logging of things,you just eat what you need to it, when you need to eat it.

    I call it my fast food.

    Pop it in the microwave, heat it up, done.

    And I do this all day long because I eat seven times a day.

    Seven times a day.

    To make it even easier, a long time ago I actually created just for myself a meal-planning tool in order to just select the foods that I wanted and it spits out exactly what I need to eat in weights and times that I need to eat it.

    That’s what I put into the Bikini Competition eBook program as well as the FAB University Sexy Body program.

    Number two, which I already briefly mentioned, you don’t have to track everything.

    That’s just not sustainable for life.

    These apps where you’re tracking your foods, you’re tracking what you eat, your macros—you’re not going to sustain that for life—so when you stop tracking you’re likely going to start overeating again and gain all of that weight back.

    That’s just the way it works and there’s evidence to support that happens all the time.

    Well, something like this, once you’ve reached your goals—you’re eating and prepping your meals ahead of time—90 percent of the time you’re going to stay very close to your goal and then if you start gaining a little bit of weight you know exactly how to bring it back down again.

    So this is a sustainable plan for life—critically important.

    Number three, meal prepping in advance saves a ton of time.

    I’m a busy gal, you’re a busy gal, if you want to save some serious time, try this out.

    Like I said, this takes about two hours a week, tops, for me—sometimes a lot less depending on how efficient I am in my cooking.

    That means during the week I am not scrambling trying to come up with meals, I’m not sitting in drive thru lines, I’m not going to restaurants a whole lot.

    I save a ton of time in not having to prepare meals throughout the week.

    Again, this is my fast food.

    This also saves money.

    It is super inexpensive to eat clean instead of eating out at restaurants and fast food, which a lot of us do.

    I think we underestimate often time show much money we put into that.

    Number five, most importantly, you’re going to feel great.

    Eating clean makes you feel better.

    I actually will get physically ill if I eat something not so clean after eating clean for a period of time because my body’s just not used to eat and doesn’t like all that stuff that’s in there.

    All right, without further ado,let’s jump into the meal prep that I’m on right now.

    I’m going to be prepping meals for the next three days and, just as a caveat, these are four out of my seven meals that I prep.

    My first meal of the day is actually a freshly cooked bowl of oatmeal and egg whites.

    The next four meals are the meals that you’re going to see today, and then to top it offI have a protein shake and a piece of fruit right around my workout, and then just before I go to bedtime I have six egg whites to top out my protein for the day.

    That’s seven meals,a heck of a lot of food.

    So for this week’s meal plan I chose chicken breast and almonds,of course, my oatmeal and egg whites—my first meal of the day, which I love so much—broccoli and green beans, sweet potato, and ground turkey breast and brown rice.

    So I’ve gone ahead and done all my shopping already.

    As you can see, an assortment of beautiful food.

    And, key, of course, to prepping your meals for the week is having these plastic containers that I tote with me everywhere we go.

    It doesn’t have to be anything fancy here.

    This can be cheap plastic containers that you get anywhere.

    You’re also going to need a food scale, the reason being, if we’re trying to eyeball foods by serving sizes, looking at portion sizes,in our world of super sizing things, we oftentimes really overestimate what we should be eating.

    So food scales are critical when we’re trying to, especially, lose fat pounds.

    Okay, first things first.

    I’m going to go ahead and take my ground turkey breast and I’m going to start cooking that up, get that going on the stove.

    And I’m using some PAM Purely Olive Oil cooking spray.

    So I’m going to set the stove at a low to medium heat.

    While the turkey breast is cooking I’m going to go ahead and put my sweet potato.

    I just need one for this three day’s worth of meals.

    I’m going to poke some holes into it and stick it in the microwave.

    Great way to take out your frustrations.

    I nuke my sweet potato for about—I don’t know—13,14 minutes, somewhere in there.

    Depends on the size of the sweet potato but that usually works.

    Oh, on high.

    All right.

    So this looks about done now.

    You’ll see there’s a little bit of browning on there, so I’m just going to go ahead and set this aside for measuring later.

    And I like to get my rice going fairly early in the process because that’s what takes the longest.

    Takes about an hour—just over an hour—to cook.

    So I’m going to get that going as well.

    What I do is I know I need 26 grams per day, so I go ahead and measure26 grams and I reset the scale to zero and measure out one more, and then another one for three day’s worth.

    So I’m going to go ahead and measure that out and stick it into the rice cooker and cook it for about an hour.

    So my next step is to cook my chicken.

    Today,I’m going to barbecue.

    All right.

    So I put my barbecue on high to start the chicken.

    Hopefully I won’t blow my hair up.

    It worked (yes!).

    And, no, my deck doesn’t normally look like this.

    This is all the construction work we’ve been talking about (Sorry).

    [Construction sound in the background] Ahem.

    See? All right.

    Well, I’m going to let that grill heat up just a little bit because what I like to do is sear my chicken on both sides before stepping it down to a lower heat—a really low heat—and then letting it cook for quite a few minutes in order to cook through.

    The grill is ready.

    I’m going to go ahead and put the chicken on there.

    I don’t coat it with anything.

    I just take the raw chicken and put it right on the grill to sear it.

    As always, when you’re working with chicken you’re going to want to wash your hands afterwards any time you handle raw chicken.

    So I’m going to close this lid, let it sear for a few minutes, come back and flip it over, and sear on the other side for a few minutes.

    All right.

    So while my chicken is on the grill on low and it’s cooked for quite some time, I got my rice in my rice cooker, and my sweet potato is just about done in the microwave, I’m going to go ahead and get all my containers lined out and portion out my broccoli and green beans, my almonds, and then I’ll be ready for my protein sources.

    I’m going to start with my almonds.

    For almonds I need about 16 grams.

    For my green beans and broccoli, I’ve already portioned some out here as you can see and what I’ve done in the meal planning tool isI accommodated for about a hundred calories per day of additional vegetables in order to get some fibers and greens in my diet, which we all know is really important.

    So I just estimate through the three days about what a hundred calories would be and I portion them out into each meal.

    My chicken is done, my sweet potato is done, the only thing I’m waiting for now is my brown rice, so I’m going to portion all of these out once they’ve cooled down a little bit, and then the brown rice—when it’s done—I’m literally just going to divide three ways among my three days.

    And that’s it.

    It really only takes me about an hour for three or four day’s worth of meals.

    The end result is a delicious, healthy, easy,clean eating meal plan for the next three or four days that I don’t have to think about again.

    I just tote them with me in my roller cooler.

    Now, if you want to get this exact meal plan that I’m on right now, go on and head on over to FAB-University.

    Com or Figure And Bikini.

    Org,sign up for the weekly email and you will receive my exact meal plan—this one right here.

    So that wraps up today’s episode.

    I hope you all enjoyed it.

    Again, I appreciate all of you watching today.

    If you’d like to leave comments, I would sure love to hear from you.

    Leave comments on this video, leave comments on the website, go ahead and email me.

    I love hearing from you guys.

    You are my sisters in fitness.

    I’m Kristin Shaffer,founder of FAB-University.

    Com and Figure And Bikini.

    Org, and I can’t wait to see you next time.

    I love you.

    Between you, and him, and the dog, I can’t do this.

    What? That’s just as bad.

    Are you done? I love you.

    Oh, my god.

    I love you.

    Thank you.

    You’d have to come…I don’t know.

    Nah, you won’t get in there.

    You should though.

    Here, wait.

    There he is.

    There’s the noisemaker.

    That’s him.

    And the greatest man on the planet.