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Obsession With Food

    Obsession With Food

    Obsession with food is a fixation

    Obsession with food is a new acknowledged kind of over-attachment to something. The physiology of things resembles fixation with drugs as the brain reacts in the same way to their consumption.

    Obsession With FoodThe cures can be similar too, that is the good news.

    Highly palatable foods are the culprit and contain too much salt, fat, and sugar and that is white forms of sugar.

    Raw sugar has all its vitamins and minerals intact so has a natural inhibiting virtue regarding over-eating.

    All whole foods share this virtue because they have all the natural fiber (natural in-built roughage) also intact.

    People keep eating because of the over-stimulation so the natural feelings of being full, are over-ridden. They can not stop when they want to and experience withdrawal effects when they cut down, that is it is an addiction.


    Over-eating even when the person is ill or no longer hungry and forming an obvious, dis-ordered attachment to the food being eaten, appear to be signs of the malady.

    eatingDisruption to their relationships, work, and lifestyle and an inability to function, is surfacing as a characteristic.

    These food’s use shows a negative impact on the emotions and makes the sufferer dependent on them.

    Their thoughts are dominated by what they just ate and will next eat. The body image that they have of themselves can suffer.

    Their condition can be obese or anorexic.

    Certain Foods

    They then rely on certain foods that now perform certain functions like no weight gain or desired emotional short term good feeling.

    The food becomes a reward and the eating has become a guilt exercise, an obsession with food. If this or that is not eaten or something else is eaten, the person feels guilty because of some supposed violation.

    Processed foods that have lots of or just a few of, the things that cause ill-effects are what people are consuming in increasing quantities. They are over-convenient, over-palatable and over the counter.


    Foods that are without seeds could be GMO, so maybe hunt for the ones that do have seeds.

    The Vegan program of high-calorie natural starches forming 70%, low-calorie vegetables and fruit forming 30% and the exclusion of meat, fish, dairy, added oil or eggs, is I believe the best.

    This provides all the nutritional requirements we have with in-built intestinal regularity. This can provide the framework for further help that may be needed for bad habits.

    If these conditions are not turned around then the sufferer can expect some serious medical condition, in the short or long term.


    Their severe practice will certainly beat fruit in severe behavior as well as an extreme health problem.

    Socializing with others always poses problems in what to eat and avoid.

    A new skill needs to be learned, that of reading labels and choosing carefully what to eat and avoid.

    healthMany just eat what everyone else does. You have to learn it to protect your self, so why not let the others be educated as well?

    Do not keep it to yourself.

    It is a sad thing that a person who suffers anorexia, feeling that they are poisoning themselves are doing that with many of the available foods.

    The processing, the additives, are slowly killing us. Bad habits or obsession with food can be overcome.

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