Take It Easy and Let Loose

The word “tight” is getting more familiar these days. It often describes things that are usually associated with our daily activities: tight schedule, tight budget, and even tight clothes (for those who have recently gained weight). A common worker … [Continue reading]

How stressed are you?

Everyone seems to have a view on stress, it has become so popular. Are you stressed or does it not effect you at all? Do you believe that managing stress is important, or do you think that it is a 'buzz' word, used as a convenient excuse? Are you … [Continue reading]

The Fat Genes

"It doesn't make any difference what I eat. Weight problems just run in my family. It's all genetic." These are common excuses, but genetic research has just shot them down in flames. Genes do influence our size and shape, but studies clearly show … [Continue reading]

Make Grilling A Healthy Experience

Without a doubt there is something very relaxing and pleasurable about cooking and eating grilled food. There are countless ways you can turn your grilling not only into a flavorful and enjoyable way to cook, but there are also many healthy and tasty … [Continue reading]

5 Super Simple Exercise Tips

With each New Year comes the determination to begin exercising. Perhaps even you made a promise to add more exercise into your day. If your efforts at exercising are not going as well as you had planned, take a look at these tips. They might help get … [Continue reading]

7 Calorie Burning Tips

These are just a few habits you can embrace to start revving your metabolism right away. You may have heard stories about people who have lost dozens of pounds simply switching to diet soda or walking a few minutes each day. These are all small … [Continue reading]

The Secret To Preparing The Perfect Paella

According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, paella is a saffron-flavored dish made with varying combinations of rice, vegetables, meat, chicken and seafood. The Dictionary also explains that in the Old French and Catalan … [Continue reading]

Benefits of Stretching

The body is flexible. It is supposed to be flexible. You must be able to bend and reach that something you dropped on the floor. You must be able to zip the back of your favorite dress on your own. You must be able to reach that book you need to read … [Continue reading]

AwesomePaleoDiet Awesome Paleo Diet – How To Get The Body Of Your Dreams

If you want to Lose +20 pounds of body fat in less than 2 month in a healthy and long-lasting way, or even if you just want to get more energy in your daily life, then this is the most important letter you'll ever read! My name is Lise Gottlieb … [Continue reading]