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Simple Steps to Help Weight Loss


    This is Helen with Real World Weight Loss.

    Today we are going to talk about how you can be successful with weight loss without a huge amount of effort on your part.

    I know that sounds weird, right? But how you do it isyou start one change at a time.

    Now I know January 1st comes around and everybody stops eating carbs, get up at 4 o’clock to work out,.

    Or work out 12 times a day, and they don’t eat anything that people say they shouldn’t eat, and they do all these things.

    Within 5 or 7 days(for me it was like 24 hours) it’s all gone.

    Because they started too much, toosoon.

    Some people need black and white, but the rest of us need to make one little changeat a time.

    So you want to start with maybe fitting in more exercise throughout the day.

    And then you want to start eating more fruits and vegetables.

    Then add a few extra things,going step-by-step, until suddenly you have a whole bunch of new habits that are created.

    And that’s what I wrote about in my book, “21 Days to Change Your Body (and Your Life).

    “It’s not about changing your body in 21 days; it’s about adding new habits day-by-day-by-dayuntil at the end of 21 days you have a whole bunchof new habits.

    It’s not as hard as it seems.

    Baby steps.

    Read the sign: This way to weight loss success.

    This is Helen with Real World Weight Loss.