Diets and Their Issues

What does the word diet mean?

According to the Oxford dictionary the word diet means the kind of food people eat. This can clearly be the case because according to the company Boots there are over 100 many types of diets, from the alkaline diet to the zone diet.

dietThere is a vast majority of them, with their benefits and their downfalls. However, are these diets successful? Are they long term? Do we lose weight on them?

As we all approach the festive season, and the New Year, people at this time are looking at what foods they want to cut down on, or what new fad diet they would like to try. But overall will these work in the long term?

According to the magazine psychology today, researchers tested this methodology on various clients, it was found that there were other aspects to health, not just dieting, and weight loss, but also reduced blood pressure and cholesterol.

The clients did not lose weight, however, they had a positive attitude about themselves. In that respect, diets can be a positive awareness, or on the other end of the spectrum, diets can be seen as negative.

For example, a study carried out by Leicester City Council concluded that due to a poor diet they were unable to achieve a healthier diet that is recommended by the health professionals.

A poor diet can mean a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Lack of vitamins and minerals can cause an array of problems. From feeling tired to poor vision at night time, dry skin, fatigue, and soft bones.

In relation to the popular diets out there each of the diets has problems if they are not followed properly, or not researched for suitability.

low fat dietThe Dr. Dukan diet was set up by Pierre Dukan in 2000. His aims and objectives were:

To increase a higher intake of protein.

To have a no limit of calories or the types of food you can eat, therefore people can eat whatever and whenever.

However there are some known issues of this diet, this includes:

The cost of purchasing the higher protein foods, i.e. meat, chicken, pork, nuts, and seeds

The suitability for people on a restrictive diet, for example, vegetarians or gluten-free clients.

However, there are some positives of this particular diet, one of them is that it is high in protein, which is important for the growth of new cells in the body, this can include hair, skin, and nails.

Another feature is that there is no limit to the number of calories or types of food you can eat. Finally, there is a limit on the number of foods high in sugar, as excess sugar can lead to weight gain.

Another example of this is the cheater’s diet. This was created by Paul Rivas. He stated that by basing the meals on a Mediterranean style diet during the week, at the weekend cheat days are highly encouraged.

Rivas explains that by having cheat days there is no restriction on having food and drink that consumers love to have, which include foods that may not be the healthiest of products. The diet is also supported by encouraging exercise.

dietAccording to a journal published by the European Journal of clinical nutrition, writer Robinson explained that there were other factors that affected diet and lifestyle.

While educational attainment had the strongest effects on diet, age, the number of children living in the home, the number of people that smoked and the number of hours spent watching television, all were the contributing factors on the amount of exercise completed daily.

From the study, it was concluded that the barriers that identified the issues facing diet and lifestyle, were to improve the quality of life, and not just based on weight loss alone.

A study carried out by Yardley et al demonstrated that a combination of web-based and health professional support for weight management could potentially offer a cost-effective means of motivating obese patients to achieve a meaningful weight loss.

It is important to be mindful that suitable diets that are recommended by Health Professionals including Dietitians, and Nutritionists are sourced by the National Clinical Governance Of Excellence (NICE). This is an organization set up to provide guidance to improve the health and wellbeing in the United Kingdom.

Overall diets can be successful, especially for the better. As long as the vitamins, minerals, as well as the macronutrients, are not detrimental towards a poor diet, any diet can be positive long term, with the support of qualified health professionals.

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Do You Finish the Diets You Start

dietI was cleaning my cupboard the other day and found a lot of diet teas, pills, powders and specific diet foods which I started and never finished.

Oh let me not forget the injections! And the terrible mood swings which come with some of the diets.

And why don’t I finish them I asked myself, is it because of lack of focus and consistency or am I just not determined to lose the weight.

Deep down I know I would love to fit in those jeans and a white T -shirt and just be comfortable, it’s not too much to ask for is it?

How much money have I wasted on all of these diet trials which I still never finished! Some, I clearly took once or twice and are still pretty full, maybe if it took them back I would get my money back.

Or even better give them away to my sister, why must I struggle on my own, let her try her luck as well!!

I have subscribed at gym membership and only went a few times in the year and they politely unsubscribed me for not going enough times, they always have these policies about the minimum number of times you must at least show up!

The worst part is that they do not write you a letter or even a text to notify you your subscription has been terminated, until the one day you have counseled yourself to just try going to the gym today maybe just maybe you will enjoy it!

Until you get there and they tell you your membership has been terminated and you have to make an about turn.

Now the question is, is there a magic pill that will somehow help me lose the weight quickly without much work on my part, I have wondered a few times? I haven’t heard of it yet! Am sure if there was I will try it as well.

I know my problem, I am a yo-yo dieter! I need to be consistent and focused on whatever decision I have taken! Follow through is critical!

This consistency is important in all aspects of our lives, dieting and starting a business requires equal amount of focus and determination!!

Persistency and consistency is important in order to achieve your goals! Focus on the bigger picture and endure the pain, it’s harder sometimes though!

Surrounding myself with like minded people has helped me along the way!

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