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The Every Other Day Diet; How I Lost 22 Lbs. in 10 1/2 Weeks with a Rare Weight Loss Secret

    Most of my adult life I was overweight. I’ve tried every type of diet out there imaginable and nothing worked long term. My problem which is probably much like yours: I cannot stick with any “diet” forever. In fact, psychologically, most people are not able to stick with a long term diet plan, especially with family functions, social events, and other day-to-day scenarios that pop up, disabling most people from being 100% committed to a diet plan.

    An Indian friend of mine shared a weight loss secret with me that I’ve never heard of anywhere else. (And I’ve read every diet and weight loss book out there.)

    It’s called The Every-Other-Day Diet.

    And it’s exactly what the title describes.

    How difficult is it to stay on any diet plan when the next day you can “cheat”?

    Psychologists in research studies have shown that people who don’t believe they are on a diet are more consistent and successful with their weight loss endeavors. On the other hand, tell anyone that they can’t have something (i.e. a cookie, ice cream, fast food, etc.) and they will always fall of the diet wagon the first chance they can get.

    The Every-Other-Day Diet puts you in the psychological mind set to understand that when you diet today, you don’t have to diet tomorrow. When you don’t diet tomorrow, you are back on the diet (for one day) the following day.

    Basic concept, right?

    There’s an alternative to the concept which is dieting for 5 days of the week and then going off your diet each weekend.

    Okay, so since I told you the idea behind the “secret” of The Every-Other-Day Diet, what’s left to read in the book?

    In order to maximize your weight loss on your diet days (and non-diet days), you have to know how to set up your diet including implementing mild cleansing techniques, which foods to eat (and avoid on diet days), which foods and supplements to make sure you add to your non-diet days in particular to keep your body losing weight (even when you are “cheating”) and many more secrets you’ve never heard of!

    One last thing: The reason this diet is so much more effective than all the others out there is because you are “tricking” your body into believing you aren’t cutting down calories (which is required for weight loss) even though you are because you’re on a diet at least half of every week. It’s a scientific fact that when someone goes on a diet, the metabolism will slow down. When your body doesn’t believe it’s on a diet (because you get a non-diet day so often), it enhances faster weight loss because it isn’t unnecessarily hanging onto body fat.

    If you’ve tried every other weight loss plan out there, this is the one you need to finally lose the weight for good! Even better, this is definitely a plan you can stay on for the rest of your life!

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