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The Health Benefits of clove tea – including weight loss

    Health Benefits

    The Indian carnation is a plant with leavessimilar to the bay, with small creamy white flowers in bunches and the fruit is edible,elongated and reddish.

    In cooking, to garnish sweets and to makebread and cakes, dried flowers are used.

    Properties and benefits of Clove Indian tea The clove has analgesic and antiseptic properties,against headache, menstrual cramps, oral candidiasis (thrush), fever, toothache and sore throats.

    Besides all that, it is used to cook for itsaroma and strong flavor.

    This spice also acts as an antioxidant, fortheir ability to release hydrogen and break the polyunsaturated fat (or lipid peroxidation)and also prevents premature aging of the skin.

    This infusion also acts as mouthwash to removebad breath and helps in proper functioning of the thyroid gland, to combat hypothyroidism.

    It can also be used to control cholesterol,it is excellent in the treatment of fungal, viral and is also used to treat acne, fungalinfections and skin infections.

    dianthus tea to lose weight Tea is also a metabolism accelerator, increasingthe production of saliva and gastric juices, responsible for digestion.

    This accelerates fat burning and makes theprocess faster.

    dianthus tea The preparation of tea is simple, it takesa liter of water and a spoon (soup) of dianthus.

    Just put it all together and cook until boiling.

    Cook for 10 minutes and remove from heat untilwarm.

    Then just strain it and drink immediately,up to three cups daily.

    Tea belly plate This tea has the clove between its components.

    Combined with the other ingredients, it hasmajor slimming properties, acting as thermogenic and increasing the calorie consumption indigestion and reducing abdominal bloating.

    The preparation is simple, includes 1 handfulof cloves, 3 cinnamon sticks sections, 3 tablespoons (soup) of grated ginger and 1 liter of water.

    Cook water, cloves and cinnamon to a boil.

    Then remove from heat and add the ginger.

    Smother for 5 minutes, then strain and drinkonly.

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