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    WARNING: If You Think Eating Less & Exercising More Is the Key to Flattening Your Belly Fast Then You’ve Been LIED To! It’s Putting Deadly Pressure on Your Heart, Killing Your Metabolism, and Creates a Toxic Fat-Storing Environment Deep In Your Belly. More Below…

    Then you can imagine the heart-breaking feeling when my husband of 13 years blurted out after a heated argument that left me sobbing on our bedroom floor…

    Every time I squeezed my legs into my yoga pants or sucked in my belly to button my pants getting ready for work…

    And even when I tried eating healthier only to dump the food in the garbage after just a few bites because I couldn’t stomach the taste of green veggies and bland baked chicken…

    He LOVES rollercoasters and although I think they’re terrifying, I put on my brave face to make sure he had a birthday he’d never forget.

    We waited in line for HOURS to get on his favorite ride called The Plunge, and by the name of it, you can probably guess what the ride is….

    Just like that, in 3 seconds you plunge all the way down, screaming your head off because a small part of you thinks you might die.

    My face got bright red and my heart dropped as HUNDREDS of people were standing behind me, hearing his every word while waiting in line…

    “I didn’t say that ma’am, but we do have safety standards and because of your size, you’re considered high risk and our carts just aren’t big enough for you to fit”…

    After all, suddenly being a single mom without even a few free minutes to myself is so stressful and overwhelming that I barely pay attention to what I…


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