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The Weight Loss Resolution Wobble

    Weight Loss Resolution

    How’s your weight loss resolution going this year? Have you reached the point where your resolve wobbles? Let’s be honest. Does this happen every year?

    Don’t worry, there are ways to get back on track easily. The first thing to realize is that you are only human. Most people are not perfectionists who can sustain a regime of eating and exercise that they do not completely enjoy.

    Weight Loss ResolutionWhen you tell yourself you can’t have something that happens? You want and crave it even more.

    That’s the body’s natural reaction when it thinks it is in a starvation situation. So here are a few tips to help you stay on track…

    Don’t think of it as a diet – they don’t work!
    Consider how you can love yourself more – you deserve it.

    Do not demonize food by labeling it ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ – you’ll crave the ‘bad’.
    Tell yourself that all food is fuel, only some works better for you than others.

    Make sure your new eating habits are sustainable by:

    Create a lifestyle change with new foods and eating habits.
    Eat food you love and that loves your body back.
    Enjoy the food you eat.
    Eat consciously switching your mind onto your body – eat until just full.
    Have fun with food – try out new foods and menus to increase enjoyment.
    Cut down on your portion size – use a smaller plate.
    Cut down sugar or cut it out for long periods to stop your cravings.
    Cooking from scratch will dramatically reduce your sugar intake.
    Cut down your carbs to once a day.
    Try eating brown rice instead of white, sweet potato or quinoa

    Weight LossCreate an exercise routine that is sustainable:

    Plan activities that are fun and that you love – the gym is not for everyone!
    Challenge yourself by using a pedometer to increase your activity.
    Find a friend to do it with.
    Park further away from work and walk more.

    Don’t worry if your resolve and motivation waver. That’s natural. Have a plan of action that gets you back on track easily. Plan to very occasionally eat foods you love that do not love your body. Enjoy and savor every mouthful without any guilt. You will eat less of it and by not fully restricting it you will not crave it.

    Finally, watch your stress levels they will lead you back to comfort eating. Find ways to reduce your stress such as exercise, mindfulness, laughter and talking to a trusted friend or counselor.

    Make this you’re a resolution revolution by creating the lifestyle change that loves you back!

    How’s your weight loss resolution going this year?

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